A retreat is a phase in your life. Besides healing and recovering it also triggers the creative part within you.

In the midst of our busy lives, we forgot the difference between what we do (job/career) and who we are.

A retreat is a phase in your life. Besides healing and recovering it also triggers the creative part within you.  A time to reconnect to who you are. Each of us has the potential to be many things. To find out we need space, time and contemplation. This is what we try to offer you during your stay.

Everything is customized to your needs. You will have a short interview, and this will help us find out what you need on a physical level, and/or mental level. Accordingly we will design our program to match your criteria.


The Full Moon Retreat (once a month)
This is a long weekend of 3-4 days or a full week of 7 days (max 10 days). This suits most people today and usually gives you a big push to recharge and have a glimpse within you. In the times of old this used to be 3 days during full moon.

The Lunar Retreat (once a year)
After a few short retreats it is possible to go deeper within and extend your retreat to 14-28 days. In the old days this type of retreat lasts one full lunar month (from new moon to new moon)

The Seasonal retreat (once a life time)
In the times of old, a long retreat lasts 3 full moons (90 days). In South East Asia it happened during the rainy season. This is a big step taking you deeper within and if done properly it can be a life changer. Some people never come back and chose this lifestyle, dedicating themselves to serve and guide others in their journey. Others like to do this retreat every 7 years.


The program is divided into roof activities and outdoor activities. Every day there will be 1 roof session and 1 outdoor session.

The roof session includes, meditation, massage, yoga, pranayama and closure with a warm cup of tea. Outdoor sessions are either a morning swim at one of our coral reef locations OR a hike in the mountain, depending on the weather, wind and tides. You will also have your own free time during the day to do whatever you please.

We do recommend to, keep socializing to a minimum but we have no strict rules. After sunset you will receive another 30 min traditional Thai treatment in line with your needs.

Your investment is $100 per day includes:

Accommodations in a 6x4m room with private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, free drinking water, AC, fridge, snorkeling gear, communal kitchen in the garden, 2 meals (light breakfast and full lunch) daily 2x 30 min massages, yoga, meditation, pranayama, daily morning swim and/or mountain hike.

Hiking trips
private 1 pers. 30 eur
More than 1 pers. 20 eur